Some might have reservations about carrying a gun to church. But a self-defense scenario can play out anywhere, even a house of worship.

  • Going armed should mean going armed, even at Sunday services.
  • As to what sort of gun to carry it’s simple, the one you carry everyday.
  • Churches, like any other venue open to the public, should have a security policy in place.

Church Security

As of late, there’s been a lot of talk about whether someone should go to church armed. The question perplexes me a bit because I’m thinking, “Why would you go anywhere unarmed?” Regardless, there now seems to be a rush to establish church security policies and training for church security teams. For what it’s worth, Gunsite Academy was doing this before that cretin in Texas had his temper tantrum. Folks are also wondering what gun they should carry to church.

Taking responsibility for your own safety means accepting that responsibility everywhere, even at church, where the focus should be on saving souls and lives.
Taking responsibility for your own safety means accepting that responsibility everywhere, even at church, where the focus should be on saving souls and lives. 

Let me see if I can sort this out, simple like. The last question is the easiest to answer: You carry the same gun to church you carry anywhere else. Now, for the more complex problem: Yes, a church absolutely needs a security policy. So does a convenience store, lumberyard or sporting event. And, yes, when devising this policy or training a team, an expert should be consulted.

But here’s another solution that might seem over simplified. Let me first explain the answer with a story. I was on a recent hunt and a guide was in the back seat of the truck when we spotted animals 1,000 yards away. He wanted to put the spotting scope on them, but he was seated on the wrong side of the truck to mount the scope on the window. His solution was to throw all the gear piled beside him up front with the other guide and me. This was a cluster because hunters take way too much gear with them; it took almost 5 minutes to sort it all out. About midway through the process, I suggested it might have been easier if we’d just turned the truck around.

The same logic applies to church security and, unsurprisingly, some churches have already figured it out. Just post a sign out front that clearly states the church supports concealed carry. Or, if you like a little alliteration in your announcement it could read, “This Christian congregation carries concealed.” Regardless of how it’s handled, churches need to be just as concerned with saving lives as they are with saving souls.

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the January 2018 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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