First Look: Bond Arms Honey B

First Look: Bond Arms Honey B

Bond Arms has just added the Honey B to its Stinger Rough series, now featuring improved grips.

When it comes to new-production Derringer-style handguns, there’s no argument that Bond Arms is the go-to manufacturer. So, when the company chooses to expand its catalog, it only means more options for those interested in little 2-shot pocket pistols. The newest addition belongs to the Stinger Rough series and is called the Honey B, available in four different chambering options and featuring improved grips.


The standout feature of the Honey B is its inclusion of Bond Arms’ B6 grips. These extended-size grips are molded from B6 resin, checkered and feature a generous palm swell. The result is that they should provide increased control and comfort while firing. This is especially important for the Honey B models chambered for more substantial defensive calibers. The full list of chambering options includes 9mm, .380 ACP, .38 Special and .22 LR.


Most remaining details of the Honey B are identical to similar models from Bond Arms. This includes its 2-shot capacity, its 7-pound single-action trigger and its fixed iron sights zeroed for 10 yards. It also features 3-inch barrels, a 5.5-inch overall length, a weight of 17.5 ounces and a trigger guard. MSRP is $320.

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