Bond Arms Goes Utilitarian With The Rough Series

Bond Arms Goes Utilitarian With The Rough Series

Bond Arms’ Rough Series of derringer-style handguns shoots for function over form.

Bond Arms Rough Series Models

  • The Roughneck: .357 Mag/.38 Spl, 9mm Or .45 ACP| 2.5” Bbl| MSRP: $269
  • The Rough N Rowdy: .45 LC/ .410 | 3” Bbl | MSRP: $299
  • The Grizzly: .45 LC/ .410 | 3” Bbl | MSRP: $377

Bond Arms, the leading purveyor of modern derringer-style handguns, recently expanded their Rough Series of pistols with the addition of the Grizzly. The Rough Series launched last year with the introduction of the Roughneck and the Rough N Rowdy, guns that featured a less than perfect finish in favor of a lower price tag. The high polish finish and smooth machining associated with Bond Arms’ normal series of handguns look very nice, but it also raises the price higher than what most people are willing to pay for a two-shot backup gun. The Rough Series eliminates the labor costs associated with the finishing process, instead opting to leave the guns “in the rough” to pass the savings onto the consumer.

Bond Arms Roughneck

Regular series Bond Arms guns often go through their QC inspection process several times to ensure that every little mark, scratch or ding is found and removed. Rough Series guns instead are deburred of any sharp edges and then bead blasted, leaving them with a matte, machined-looking appearance. Bond Arms claims that they can make 4 to 5 Rough Series pistols in the time it takes them to finish one Texas Defender, so all that time saved on polishing translates to a much lower MSRP.

The Rough Series’ affordability is their biggest draw, enabling many more people to purchase one of these double-barrel pocket guns than were able to previously. The Roughneck and Rowdy offer a good choice of calibers and sizes, while the Grizzly is for people who want a bit more refinement without breaking the bank.

Grizzly in holster

The newest edition to the series is the Grizzly, which is essentially a deluxe version of the Rowdy while still costing far less than Bond Arms’ usual offerings. As its name implies, the Grizzly has a bear-themed extended rosewood grip as opposed to the Rowdy’s rubber ones, and it also includes a leather bear-themed holster.

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