Video: Bore Maintenance A Snap With Cleanshot


Cleanshot pass-through cleaner saves time by making bore maintenance as simple and quick as pulling the trigger.

What to know about Cleanshot:

  • It acts as a pass-through cleaner.
  • Cleanshot is fired through a smoothbore or rifled shotgun.
  • High-density composite cleaning pads scrub trapped carbon, fouling and plastic.
  • Squeegees wipe the bore clean.
  • Costs about $2 per round, but cuts cleaning time dramatically.

It’s your club’s annual trap tournament for all its bragging glory and you’ve had a long day. There’s plenty of busted blue rock under your belt, but you’re bushed and all you really want to do is concentrate on that last stage. Except there’s a little gnawing voice in the back of your head nagging, “You have to clean your gun.

Sigh… no matter how you skin it — especially after a couple hundred rounds — this is just no fun.

But as Luke Hartle discovered at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, this reluctant ritual might be a thing of the past. Cleanshot from Huntego makes polishing your gun’s bore as simple as pulling the trigger and just as fast.

It's an innovative concept. Phrased as a pass-through cleaner by the company, Cleanshot is fired through your smoothbore or rifled shotgun. High-density composite cleaning pads scrub trapped carbon, fouling and plastic away. Then squeegees wipe the bore clean until it shines like a new penny.

As the above clip shows, its effect is dramatic and essentially does away with traditional field cleaning methods. What that adds up to is less time hacking at lead and carbon and more time squeezing off rounds and busting clays. Who doesn’t want that?

Cleanshot comes in at a fairly reasonable price, as well. Certainly a bit more than a sporting load, the shells don’t break the bank at around $2 a round. For that price and those results, the pass-through cleaner should find its way into more than one range bag.


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