Video: The Extreme Adaptability Of The Agile Gun Safe


Completely customizable to any mixture of firearms and any size gun collection, the Agile Gun Safe might be the ultimate in gun storage systems.

It’s safe to say, gun gear breaks down into two basic categories: “Here, take my money!” and “Blast ye gods, do I really have to open up my wallet for that?” Generally, gun storage falls squarely into the second column. Except, perhaps SecureIt Gun Storage and its Agile Gun Safe system. An intriguing take on gun security, the ultralight safes not only keep your guns under lock and key, they also organize your gear so it’s always within reach.

The magic of the SecureIt system is a completely customizable interior that allows shooters to configure an Agile Gun Safe to their needs. With available rifle stands, handgun hangers, mag hangers, parts bins and a load of other organization devices, the lightweight safes adapt to any gun collection.

A bit nuanced, but the other interesting advantage of the Agile Gun Safe is how it stows your gear and keeps it at hand and ready if you need it in a pinch. Pistol grips are immediately within reach and rifles and shotguns have a clear line of access, unlike traditional safes that isolate all but the first guns in each row. On top of this, the support system adapts to the size of your long guns, so an AR pistol can reside right next to your magnum goose gun in good order.

Additionally, when your arsenal grows the Agile Gun Safe system grows with it since the Agile 52 and Agile 42 gun safes are stackable and can bolt together side by side. The safe is dynamic, not simply a lump of metal eating away space.

Certainly, SecureIt has yet to find a way to make gun storage as sexy as the hot new tactical rifle. But the company has come within a whisker with its Agile Gun Safe.

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