Video: Review of the Ruger Red Label Over-Under Shotgun

Video: Review of the Ruger Red Label Over-Under Shotgun

After a few years off the market, Ruger has re-released its Red Label over-under shotgun. And from initial reports, the New Hampshire-Arizona manufacturer has made all the right refinements.

Brad Fitzpatrick did a review for us on the shotgun and gave a fairly interesting perspective on the shotgun. He competed in college with the old model Red Label and while he liked that iteration, he was blown away with the smoothbore’s evolution.

In particular, Fitzpatrick found the redesigned Red Label a more forgiving shotgun with a much improved receiver. But our Gun Digest the Magazine scribe isn’t the only one to find the shotgun a winner.

Jeff Quinn over at also found the stainless steel and walnut of the shotgun too much to resist.

Quinn admits, his forte is not over-under shotguns and that breaking clays is not his area of expertise. But he knows guns and knows what he likes in guns and he likes Ruger’s Red Label.

One aspect of the shotgun not mentioned in other reviews that Quinn points out in his, is the ease of the Red Label’s break. Opening the shotgun is effortless, a definite plus for anyone who’s had a double-barreled shotgun that requires two hands and sometimes a knee to reload.

Quinn gives an excellent rundown on what the Ruger Red Label is all about and the entire video is worth a gander. But be warned.

If you happen to have the shotguns MSRP of $1399 lying around, watching this review won’t do much in helping you save it for a rainy day.


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