Video: A Look at the Ruger Scout Rifle in 5.56

Video: A Look at the Ruger Scout Rifle in 5.56

When it comes to versatility in application, the Scout rifle system is hard to beat. The concept is meant to be as at home hunting game, as it is in tactical situations. Ruger put a new twist on the rifle the past year, one originally conceived by famed firearms instructor Col. Jeff Cooper. The company released its Gunsite Scout Rifle in 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Remington. It is certainly a different take on a rifle Ruger initially released in .308 Winchester, but according to the video above is no less a striking a firearm. Jeff Quinn of found the new iteration of the rifle right on target and a dandy option, especially for someone who maybe searching for a Scout in a more affordable caliber to shoot.


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