Video: Full-Automatic AA 12 in Action

Video: Full-Automatic AA 12 in Action

When it comes to throwing large amounts of lead in a particular direction few firearms get the job done as well as the Automatic Assault 12.

Consider, the fully automatic shotgun can chew through 300 rounds per minute, slinging everything from slugs to shot of every size in what amounts to a wall of fire. And there is little that can slow down the AA 12 from its job. As pointed out in the above video by FPSRussia, the shotgun's stainless steel construction makes it fully capable of firing after being submerged in water or being battered by other environmental factors.

The AA 12 is a resilient, effective and futuristic system, but it is a design that has been around for some time. The firearm was originally known as the Atchisson Assault 12, named after Maxwell Atchisson, who designed the shotgun in 1972. The idea behind the firearm was to provide operators superior firepower in close quarter situations – room clearing, urban landscapes, thick jungle terrain. And while there have been tweaks to Atchisson's original design, the AA 12's objective has remained the same.

The shotgun accepts eight-round box magazines and 20- and 32-round drum magazines. While its effective range is similar to other shotguns, it can be stretched to 200 meters when firing the Frag 12 explosive round.

The AA 12's firepower alone is enough to raise eyebrows. But what is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the firearm is how easy it is to handle. The shotgun has an advance primer ignition blowback action, which has a robust recoil spring system housed in the stock. These springs absorb much of the gun's recoil, keeping the AA 12 accurate for follow up shots or – as shown in the video – when operated with one hand.

Despite all of aforementioned assets, the AA 12 has yet to be adopted by the military as a full-time service weapon – though it has been field tested. This does little, however, to diminish the impressiveness of this shotgun in action.

Warning: The video does have some coarse language.

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