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Video: Developing A Proper Shooting Stance

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Pistol marksmanship is built from the ground up. Get on target by learning the basics of the proper shooting stance.

Much like a boxer wouldn’t throw a punch standing straight up, you shouldn’t pull the trigger locked linearly above your feet. Proper shooting stance—what some might call a “fighting stance”—is foundational to controlling your handgun, quickly acquiring your target and moving to another if the situation calls for it.

Instructor with 1-Minute Out and former Special Mission Unit Sargent Major Jamey Caldwell covers the basics of getting in position to deftly wield your pistol. Much like athletics, the key points involve getting your legs under you and your weight somewhat forward. This puts you in a position to “receive the blow” from recoil, mitigating it and quacking the pace to the next shot. As Caldwell points out, this is primarily achieved by putting flex at the knee and breaking at the waist.

Additionally, the position puts you at the ready to pivot. With weight above the balls of your feet, pivoting becomes more intuitive, without losing balance or control over your firearm.

Now, how Caldwell’s shooting stance isn’t a hard and fast model. Every shooter is different, from height, weight and skill level, thus each person must tinker around to find the perfect stance. However, what the instructor provides are foundational concepts that figure into every shooting stance, thus provides a good base to work from.

Spend time even before getting to the range working on your shooting stance, finding a natural position, facilitates rapid movement and puts your body weight behind your handgun. You’ll find it will go a long way in improving your recoil management and shot-to-shot accuracy.

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