Video: New Redding Reloading Equipment for 2017


When it comes to precision reloading, Redding Reloading is always in the middle of the action. The New York manufacturer has long been the top choice of handloaders shooting to piece together the most precise round possible.

Custom ammunition maker and Gun Digest author Phil Massaro recently caught up with Redding Executive Vice President Robin Sharpless to chat about the company’s new equipment for 2017. And for those who roll their own ammo, as the above video shows, there’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to Redding. In addition to expanding a number of dies for some of competition shooters’ favorite rounds, the company also has a few new offerings in store.

Chief among these are die sets for Nosler’s new proprietary cartridges, the .22 Nosler and .33 Nosler. Nosler’s .22 is a centerfire round designed for enhanced performance in the AR platform and can produce velocities approaching those of the .22-250 Rem. The .33 is the most powerful round Nosler has developed to date, capable of launching a 225-grain bullet 3,025 fps at the muzzle and dropping nearly any game that’s unlucky enough to step into its path.

Massaro and Sharpless also discuss the renewed interest in the .300 Norma Magnum in long-range shooting circles. Much of what has stewed up curiosity in this newish round is Berger Bullet’s 215-grain Tactical Hybrid bullet, which offers one of the sexiest designs available today.

Get the whole story in the video above and also check out other great shooting tips and gear review videos at Gun Digest’s YouTube page.

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