Reflex: A Concealed Carry Holster With Retention


While some traditionalists may not like kydex for a concealed carry holster, I love the that the Reflex from Uncle Mike's offers concealment and positive locking retention in a concealed carry holster that won't break the bank.  Take a look at this video I made showing the benefits.


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  1. Good points Gunny! The video was done as a means to clearly show the holster in close-up. I’m of a mind that a cover garment is a cover garment and you address it the same with a IWB, paddle or belt rig. But let me get going on a new video. I have a nice Hawaiian shirt I’ve been dying to show off.

    Stay safe.

    Kevin Michalowski

    • With all respect, the only thing missing was the “concealed” part of concealed carry. What good is seeing a gun being drawn without referencing the cover garment and its effect or lack thereof on the ability to draw from a holster…any holster.

      “Okay so I’m, going to show you how this uncle Mike’s OPEN-CARRY holster works..” would have been the better thrust of this article.

      Here in Florida there’s simply no way so bulky an OWB would work which is why we’re forced to go inside the waist or pocket holster a pea shooter.

      Regardless, concealed means concealed and how you could wear that thing without making at least some reference to the fact that it has to make its way past a cover garment is beyond me.

      Does it draw the same? Will the twist cause entanglement? Will you do another video showing how concealment really works and what it means?


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