Great Gear: Celestron FireCel 3-in-1 Hand Warmer

Great Gear: Celestron FireCel 3-in-1 Hand Warmer

Most hunters who take out to the woods in late fall and into the winter months have experienced the discomfort of having cold hands. Whether you're in a deer stand waiting for that perfect buck, in a duck blind searching the sky for the next bunch of mallards, or out in the open waiting for a coyote to rush toward the sound of your distress call, the possibility of having cold hands is a very real one.

The Celestron FireCel 3-in-1 Hand Warmer is an excellent tool for combating the cold weather. In addition to offering a two-temperature (110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit) hand warmer that provides heat for up to 3 hours, the FireCel also operates as an LED flashlight and a portable power supply for recharging electronic devices.

The integrated LED flashlight features both red and white LEDs, which can be used in five different operating modes: red light only, white light only, red light blinking, white light blinking, and SOS (both lights blinking). There are also small red and green status LEDs on the front of the device, with the red lights indicating battery charge level and the green lights illustrating function settings: charge, temperature 1, and temperature 2.

As mentioned, the Celestron FireCel 3-in-1 Hand Warmer also incorporates a 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, which allows the FireCel to charge smartphones, MP3 players, or any other USB-powered device. The FireCel itself is also easily recharged.

The Celestron FireCel is ruggedly built with a durable aluminum shell, yet remains very lightweight at just 4 ounces. This makes it a perfect multipurpose tool for hunters to throw in their bag or in their pocket when going afield.

For more information on the Celestron FireCel 3-in-1 Hand Warmer, check out the video from our friends at Deer & Deer Hunting or visit the Celestron website.

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