Traditions Firearms Now Shipping Crackshot Rifles

Traditions Firearms Now Shipping Crackshot Rifles


Traditions Firearms is now shipping its Crackshot single-shot, break-action rifles. Chambered in .22 or .17 HMR, these are perfect for beginners.

For as long as they have been around, single-shot, break-action style rifles have been a popular and effective tool for harvesting game, introducing new shooters to the sport and honing marksmanship. Single-shot rifles are simple, safe, and they teach shooters to value the importance of shot placement. Without additional rounds to fall back on, that first (and only) shot must count.

Despite the prevalence of repeating rifles of these days, single-shot rifles remain useful and are still favored by many shooters, whether they are newbies learning the fundamentals or veterans who prefer the challenge of taking game with a single, well-placed shot. To cater to these shooters, Traditions Firearms, which is known predominantly for its muzzleloaders and historical black powder and cartridge revolvers, has begun shipping a new line of single-shot, break-action rifles.

Chambered in either .22 LR or .17 HMR, the Traditions Firearms Crackshot rifles come with either a 16.5-inch blued barrel or the new 20-inch blued barrel. With a weight of just 4 pounds, these lightweight rimfire rifles are the perfect field companion for small-game hunters and shooters of any build or stature.

The rifles are engineered with a takedown feature for easy cleaning and storage in a backpack or other compartment. The rifle's sling stud can be removed and used as a tool for removing the forend and barrel, and no other tools are required.

The break-action single-shot rifle is already a relatively safe design, but Traditions has gone further by incorporating additional safety measures in the form of its Dual Safety System. This system includes a hammer block safety as well as a manual trigger block safety, which makes it one of the safest rifles available to shooters, especially those who are young and/or inexperienced. For children and small-framed shooters, the Crackshot line also includes a model specifically designed to fit the smaller dimensions of youth shooters.

The Traditions Firearms Crackshot also comes equipped with a one-piece base for mounting optics, and there are also models in the Crackshot line that come with a pre-mounted and boresighted 4×32 scope. The Crackshot is available in several different camo patterns and finishes, including the popular Muddy Girl pattern.

The new Crackshot rifles are available from $219 to $354, depending on the model.


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