Suppressors for Home Defense

Suppressors for Home Defense

Suppressors for home defense guns.

There are many good reasons to add a suppressor to a home defense gun, and not too many arguments against.

The muzzle blast from a 16-inch-barreled AR-15 is noticeable; out of a 10-inch barrel like the one found in the SIG P516 AR-style pistol, the blast is even closer to the user.

I imagine in the confines of a small room the sound and force must sound and feel like fury unleashed.

Some shooters have an aversion to the .223 round not so much for the recoil but for the muzzle blast a 60-grain bullet leaving a barrel at 2,700 fps is going to create.

One of the jobs a suppressor can do is reduce muzzle blast. Buying a can adds weight and length to an AR pistol, plus there is the required paperwork and $200 tax stamp, but that might be the trade-off.

The SIG SRD556-QD offers reduction in sound and muzzle blast, so a sensitive or experienced shooter is less affected by the blast and can better concentrate on shot placement. The SRD556-QD offers a quick-detach interface and is available in steel or titanium construction.

The Dead-Air 7.62 Sandman-S (the “S” stands for Short) offers easy attachment and detachment and is constructed using heat-treated stainless steel. The Delta P Design BREVIS II is a lightweight suppressor that offers reduced sound and visual signature in a stubby can that is only 3.7 inches in length.

This article appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine


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