Springfield Introduces Suppressor-Ready XD(M)

Springfield Introduces Suppressor-Ready XD(M)
Outfitted with a threaded barrel, the new Springfield XD(M) is suppressor ready.
Outfitted with a threaded barrel, the new Springfield XD(M) is suppressor ready.
Outfitted with a threaded barrel, the new Springfield XD(M) is suppressor ready.

Whether as a way to protect hearing or get a jump on game, suppressors have a firm toehold in the shooting world.

A day doesn’t seem to pass without another company adapting one of its firearms to accept the noise-reduction device. The latest among them is Springfield Armory, which has released one of its most popular handguns ready to be decked out with a can.

Earlier this month, the Illinois company introduced a threaded barreled version of its XD(M) pistol. While there are many applications for this model, perhaps more than anything the big plus it could get shooters more trigger time.

One of the great benefits of suppressors is the protection the devices allot, significantly reducing a firearm’s report. In turn, the new XD(M) could allow for longer, more comfortable and safer shooting sessions.

Springfield has done a pretty respectable job producing the threaded barrel model without veering away from the pistol’s original specs. The 9mm and .45 ACP both weigh the same as the non-threaded full-sized XD(M) and both have all the features of the original.

The pistols, however, are a bit larger than their forebear. Each pistol has a 5.28-inch barrel, topped with a ½”x28 TPI thread, which makes them ready to accept a majority of suppressors on the market today. The guns are also a bit taller than the original since their sights have been extended to compensate for the accessory.

Even with the modifications, the threaded barrel version of the XD(M) still looks like it could be a manageable carry gun — particularly for a full-sized piece. The 9mm is two-tone with a flat dark earth frame and black Melonite finished slide. The .45 is tactical black.

Presently, the 9mm XD(M) threaded barrel has an MSRP of $695, while the .45 is listed at $725.



  1. This likely means that Springfield will NEVER produce threaded barrels for their short XDs models.
    I bought the 3.3″ version in hope of getting a 4″ OE barrel to thread for my Silencerco, but Springfield won’t allow the barrels available as repair parts even. The only way to get one is send in your gun for a factory replacement. Bleh!
    Many are going to say “Then buy one of these” , just not THAT interested.


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