SHOT Show 2014: Oakley Prizm Eyewear


Oakley Prizm
Oakley Prizm
Eyewear expert Oakley has come out with new shooting glasses that make targets pop from the background. Available in three styles (Ballistic M Frame, Flak Jacket XLJ and Radar Range), the Standard Issue division (military and government) of the company is responsible for the new Prizm glasses. The glasses incorporate the company’s latest technology to reduce eye fatigue and help marksmen focus on the target. They do so by utilizing dyes that when coated on the lens heighten or reduce the wavelengths of the color spectrum. The system makes a particular spectrum of color pop under certain light conditions, thus giving shooters a clear view of their shot. The new Prizm glasses feature the highest optical-grade polycarbonate lens for clarity, as well as the company’s customary impact and ballistic-fragmentation requirements for safety. (MSRP: $150-$263;

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