New Mount Makes Leatherwood Scope Easier to Use


A new rear side mount makes it simple to install the short-length Leatherwood Malcolm scope on Sharps sporting rifles.

The mount requires no drilling or tapping of the receiver. Instead, replacement screws replace the sidelock screw, and latch detent and spring retainer screw.

Installation of the rear mount takes minutes. The front mount uses the screw hole through which the standard Sharps-type rear sight attaches to the barrel, but it requires a gunsmith to drill and tap a second hole for the mounting screw.

The Malcolm scope is 17 inches long, and has a .75-inch-diameter steel tube and external windage and elevation adjustments. The scopes are available in 3X and 6X.

Contact Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Inc. at (888) 445-8912 or


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