Photo Gallery: New Colt Pistols for 2015

Photo Gallery: New Colt Pistols for 2015

Fans of the 1911, expect your lives to get a bit more complicated after Colt's most recent announcement. The iconic company has released its new pistols for 2015, which will vastly expand your 1911 choices. In all, Colt is introducing seven new models of the timeless pistol. All of them are extensions of existing lines with a good share representing new chamberings of existing models.

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  1. A Colt lightweight Commander with a rail, if only the powers to be would have made it in 38 Super, stainless/brushed aluminum and with a rounded butt, I would be all over it! Come on Colt, update and start making yourself profitable. Take a lesson from S&W with their PC1911 round butt, it has good looks, is very accurate and is lightweight.


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