Streamlight TLR-2 s LED Weaponlight and Laser Combo


Since my book “Own the Night” hit the bookstores in November of 09, (see featured bar to order on home page), I have observed continued improvement in lighting technology-which I predicted would continue unabated. One of those products is Streamlights TLR-2s weapon light. We call them weaponlights now because they aren't just for pistols anymore! The same light that works well on your pistol will work well on your rifle, and take up a lot less room than most dedicated rifle lights. Streamlights TLR-2s is just such an example. The TLR specimens that I tested for the book (LED lights all) were very bright, at 135 lumens. The TLR-2s maintains this power output, but adds a red laser to the mix. Whats nice about this light is that the laser is added without a lot of complexity. First, the laser is located in a central position with the bore of the rifle or pistol (assuming you mount it that way on the rifle), which means you only have to worry about elevation and not windage. Second, the laser is operated off the same paddle switch. However under that ambidextrous paddle switch is a 3 position toggle switch that coordinates the light and laser. As you are looking at the rear of the light the postions are left for laser only, center for light only, and right for laser and light in combination. I will opt for laser and light both by the way. Again looking at the rear of the light, pushing up on the right side paddle gives you momentary on on either light/combination, and a double tap will give you a strobe. Push down and the light/laser locks on (no the laser doesn't strobe. The setup for the left side paddle is directly opposite-lock on is up.

The TLR-2s, is going to get a workout on my duty Glock 31 (357 Sig) for tactical team use. I HIGHLY recommend any Streamlight Product.

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Scott Wagner is a 32-year law enforcement veteran. Currently a police sergeant in Baltimore, Ohio, he spent 20 years with the Union County Ohio Sheriff's Office as a Reserve Deputy where he worked patrol, training and SWAT, and was the assistant SWAT team leader and a team sniper. He is the author of <em>Tactical Shotguns, Own the Night—A Guide to Tactical Lights and Laser Sights, </em> and <em>Survival Guns</em>.


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