River Rock Flashlights-6V TAC-OPS T4 LED FLASHLIGHT


Lately I have been working with a sample of this outstanding 750 lumen adjustable tactical light.  When my book Own the Night-Selection and Use of Tactical Lights and Laser Sights was published in 2009, the top end LED lights on the market were at a very respectable 120 lumens.  I predicted that the technology would continue to improve and boy did it ever!! 

What I like about the TAC-OPS T4 in particular is its adjustment system.  By simply turning a dial on the light head, one can switch from Low to High to OFF (which River Rock calls Safety-Lock – which it is).  You don't want a light of this power to be left on in a confined space-the buildup of heat could be disastrous.  Also the High Setting is way too much power for close in work that you would use a day to day flashlight for in police work-somewhere in the 100 lumen or less range.  But that 750, oh my what an eyeball scorcher for tactical use, and it blankets a large area, giving you a large area of coverage and effect in dynamic entry or search situations.  It would be excellent for attachment to an AR-15.

Other likes?  Price!.  Retail is $99.95.  Batteries? Only needs two CR123 lithiums to power it and not 3. Size?  Very compact for power output.

I highly recommend this light for your consideration.


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Gun Digest the Magazine October 25, 2010
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Scott Wagner is a 32-year law enforcement veteran. Currently a police sergeant in Baltimore, Ohio, he spent 20 years with the Union County Ohio Sheriff's Office as a Reserve Deputy where he worked patrol, training and SWAT, and was the assistant SWAT team leader and a team sniper. He is the author of Tactical Shotguns, Own the Night—A Guide to Tactical Lights and Laser Sights, and Survival Guns.


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