Market Trends: Concealed Carry Market Affecting Caliber Choice

Market Trends: Concealed Carry Market Affecting Caliber Choice

380-ammoGlenn DuncanDuncan’s Outdoor Shop, Bay City, Mich.

The concealed carry market is still very hot in Michigan, but it has had its effects on what shooters are buying.

In particular, Glenn Duncan has noted a somewhat drastic change in pistol choices due to a tight ammunition market.

The owner of Duncan's Outdoor has seen a shift due to a general lack of .380 ACP ammunition. His customers are opting for 9mm compacts versus the .380 models many would actually come into the store to purchase.

“They can’t get the ammo, so they’re not willing to buy the gun,” Duncan says.

The good news? That ammo reality has the store’s smaller 9mm SIG Sauer’s and Ruger’s selling well.

The warmer weather from this past spring should have had Duncan’s moving many .22 rimfire rifles for plinking and varmint hunting. Not so this year.

“That market’s kind of dead for us,” Duncan said, thanks to the continued scarcity of .22 LR ammunition, he believes.

Local turkey hunters were buying some shotguns, but the trend here is toward used scatterguns and not for new, turkey-specific models.

Area hunters want a more general purpose shotgun, Duncan explains, one that can bag a turkey, knock down pheasants, and be used as a slug gun during deer season, and are generally not willing to spend big bucks for a tricked out “turkey gun.”


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