Market Trends: Bolt-Action Rifles Moved in Kentucky Hunting Season

Market Trends: Bolt-Action Rifles Moved in Kentucky Hunting Season

Savage AxisGrayson PareGamaliel Shooting Supply, Gamaliel, Ky.,

Sales of AR-style rifles and other tactical fare have slowed greatly at Gamaliel Shooting Supply. On the other hand, bolt-action rifles have steadily ramped up.

The catalyst, the past fall hunting season.

“For centerfire rifles, we are selling quite a few bolt rifles at the lower price points like the Savage Axis and the Ruger American series,” notes Grayson Pare, Gamaliel’s sales and marketing manager. “We sell the Savage Axis packages for $350 (black) or $400 (camo). They do come with a scope. The Ruger American rifles are $370, but do not include a scope.”

Waterfowl and upland hunters were also buying mood. But they purchased shotguns at both ends of the price spectrum.

Local hunters prefer the Benelli Super Black Eagle II, at $1,570, and the Stoeger P3000 series shotguns, at just a shade under $600, Pare said.

“Ammunition is still moving pretty steady—at the right price point,” Pare says. “High-end hunting or self-defense loads are slow, but cheap FMJ (full-metal jacket) ammo sells well. All rimfire ammo sells well, and we are moving a lot of .17 HMR now that availability has gotten better.”

Top brands for the .17 HMR ammunition buyers are Hornady or CCI, at approximately $14 per box of 50 rounds.

Editor's Note: This brief appeared in the January 1, 2015 edition of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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