Luger Pricing and Reference


Luger Pricing & ValuesAre You in the Market for a Luger Firearm?

Know what your Luger firearms are worth with this up-to-date 13-page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

* Completely updated pricing for Luger firearms with new entries and photos
* Value Trackers: Real-life auction results
* Sleeper Alerts: Collectible guns that are outpacing the market
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Learn pricing and value from these Luger firearms:

Luger 1899/1900 Swiss Test Model
Luger 1900 Swiss Contract
Luger 1900 Commercial
Luger 1900 American Eagle
Luger Bulgarian Contract
Luger 1900 Carbine
Luger 1902 Prototype
Luger 1902 Carbine
Luger 1902 Commercial – “Fat Barrel”
Luger 1902 American Eagle
Luger American Eagle Cartridge Counter
Luger 1902 Presentation Carbine
Luger 1902/06 Carbine (Transitional)
Luger 1903 Commercial
Luger 1904 Navy
Luger 1906 Navy Commercial
Luger 1906 Commercial
Luger 1906 Commerical (Marked Safety)
Luger 1906 American Eagle
Luger 1906 American Eagle (Marked Safety)
Luger 1906 American Eagle 4.75” Barrel
Luger 1906 U.S. Army Test Luger .45 Caliber
Luger 1906 Swiss Commercial
Luger 1906 Swiss Military
Luger 1906 Swiss Police Cross in Shield
Luger 1906 Dutch Contract
Luger 1906 Royal Portuguese Navy
Luger 1906 Royal Portuguese Army (M2)
Luger 1906 Republic of Portugal Navy
Luger 1906 Brazilian Contract
Luger 1906 Bulgarian Contract
Luger 1906 Russian Contract
Luger 1906 Navy 1st Issue
Luger 1906 Navy 2nd Issue
Luger 1908 Commercial
Luger 1908 Navy Commercial
Luger 1908 Navy
Luger 1914 Navy
Luger 1908 Military 1st Issue
Luger 1908 Military Dated Chamber (1910-1913)
Luger 1914 Military
Luger 1913 Commercial
Luger 1914 Artillery
Luger DWM Double Dated
Luger 1920 Police Rework
Luger 1920 Commercial
Luger 1920 Commercial Navy
Luger 1920 Commercial Artillery
Luger 1920 Long Barrel Commercial
Luger 1920 Carbine
Luger 1920 Navy Carbine
Luger 1920 Swiss Commercial
Luger 1923 Stoeger Commercial
Luger Abercrombie & Fitch Commercial 100
Luger 1923 Commercial
Luger 1923 Commercial Commercial Safe & Loaded
Luger 1923 Dutch Commercial & Military
Luger Royal Dutch Air Force
Luger 1906 Vickers Dutch
Luger 1908 Erfurt
Luger 1914 Erfurt Military
Luger 1914 Erfurt Artillery
Luger Double Date Erfurt
Luger Simson & Co. Rework
Luger Simson Grip Safety Rework
Luger Simson Dated Military
Luger Simson S Code
Luger Deaths Head Rework
Luger Kadetten Institute Rework
Luger Mauser Unmarked Rework
Luger Mauser Oberndorf
Luger 1934/06 Swiss Commercial Mauser
Luger 1935/06 Portugese “GNR”
Luger 1934 Mauser Commercial
Luger S/42 K Date
Luger Dated Chamber S/42
Luger S/42 Commercial Contract
Luger Code 42 Dated Chamber
Luger 41/42 Code
Luger byf Code
Luger Persian Contract 4”
Luger Persian Contract Artillery
Luger 1934/06 Dated Commercial
Luger 1934 Mauser Dutch Contract
Luger 1934 Mauser Swedish Contract
Luger 1934 Mauser Swedish Commercial
Luger 1934 Mauser German Contract
Luger Austrian Bundes Heer (Federal Army)
Luger Mauser 2 Digit Date
Luger Ku Luger (Prefix or Suffix)
Luger 1923 DWM/Krieghoff Commercial
Luger Krieghoff Commercial Inscribed Side Frame
Luger S Code Krieghoff
Luger Grip Safety Krieghoff
Luger 36 Date Krieghoff
Luger 4 Digit Dated Krieghoff
Luger 2nd Series Krieghoff Commercial
Luger Post-war Krieghoff
Luger Krieghoff Post-war Commercial
Luger Detachable Carbine Stocks
Luger Artillery Stock with Holster
Luger Navy Stock without Holster
Luger Ideal Stock/Holster with Grips
Luger Drum Magazine 1st Issue
Luger Drum Magazine 2nd Issue
Luger Drum Magazine Loading Tool
Luger Drum Magazine Unloading Tool
Luger Drum Carrying Case
Luger Holsters
Luger P.08 Interarms
Luger Swiss Eagle Interarms
Luger Cartridge Counter
Luger Commemorative Bulgarian
Luger Commemorative Russian
Luger Modern Production Carbine
Luger Martz Luger Carbine
Luger .45 ACP
Luger Baby Luger 9mm and 7.65mm
Luger Baby Luger .380 ACP



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