Hands On! Gerber Tool Built Just for AR Platform


Note: Kevin Michalowski is the Editor of Gun Digest and Tactical Gear magazines.

Gerber eFECT fetaures all tools you'll need for your AR-15.If you own an AR-15 or happen to carry an M-16 or M-4 in some far-off dusty place, you also very likely have a pouch full of gadgets you use to clean and maintain that rifle. Well, now Gerber has taken all those important tools and put them together in one place in the eFECT Military Maintenance Tool.

The eFECT (Field Expedient Cleaning Tool) was developed for the distinct purpose of maintaining military style weapons. Built for the M16A/M4 it incorporates components that make field maintenance of a weapon faster and more precise.

It is compatible and interchangeable with Otis Breech-to-Muzzle components. Just unscrew the pick and you can screw in any of the Otis components. I like this because you can hook the Otis cable to the eFECT and pull the cleaning jag through the bore.

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The eFECT features all locking tools including a front sight adjustment tool that rotates for use with four- or five-pin sights. There is a carbon scraper, pin punch, and flat driver. Otis brush and curved pick and the whole unit drops into a ballistic nylon ACU Molle carrying pouch.

I was confused as to how the locking levers worked, for about a minute, but that was just operator error. Pull the levers straight back away from the tool and the tool is unlocked. Any other attempt to move the levers in a different direction proves how tough the Gerber tool is.

The handle panels are polymer and each of the tools are blackened steel and they give you all you need to conduct field maintenance on your rifle. Granted, you won't be changing a gas tube or swapping out a buttstock with this tool, but like the name says, this is a field expedient cleaning tool.  If you need to keep your AR style rifle running, this tool will make that job very easy.

Now for the downside. Gerber may not have anticipated just how popular this little baby really is. I've noticed that the eFECT is on backorder from most of the places that regularly sell one. MSRP is about $130, but I have seen them listed for $80 at some outlets. But expect a delay in shipping.


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