Hands On! Knife Review of CRKT Carson F4



Most of the time you don't need a big knife. Sometimes you specifically need a smaller knife. The Columbia River Knife and Tool Carson F4 fits the bill perfectly as either a back-up blade or small primary knife that doesn't take up much gear in your kit.

The beauty of this knife is in the sheath; called the convertible carry system by CRKT. The tough Zytel sheath offers at least five different carry options and folks more creative than I am will certainly find others. With holes and slots and a reversible clip, the Carson F4 can be anything from a belt knife to a neck knife to back-up blade woven into MOLLE gear or laced onto a backpack.

The sheath holds the knife firmly in any of the carry positions and yet provides for an easy draw when you reach for the handle. There is one issue with the design. It seems that with one exception, no matter how you affix the knife for carry, you will be drawing it with a reverse grip. Only if you wear the sheath inside the waistband with the clip on the outside of your pants will the knife come to your hand in a standard grip.  Not really a design flaw, just something you should know when trying to rig up the knife.

Based on Kit Carson's custom design each knife has molded contoured and textured Zytel scales for comfort and safety. A black neck chain is included. MRSP is about $20

AUS 6M stainless steel 55-57 HRC.
Overall length: 5.5″
Thickness: 0.10″
Cutting edge: 2.5″
Weight: 1.3 oz
Sheath weight:1.4 oz.

This is a great knife that would serve well in most situations. Get your hands on one.


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