New Book Reveals the Complexity of Glock

New Book Reveals the Complexity of Glock

Glock DeconstructedPatrick Sweeney Investigates Complexity of Glock in New Book

Cincinnati, Ohio (July 22, 2013) – People who know guns generally agree on two things about the Glock: they’re reliable firearms and they’re quite fun to shoot. Patrick Sweeney knows there’s more to it. In his new book Glock Deconstructed, Sweeney investigates the lengthy history of the development of the firearm, giving readers all the tools they need to get the full benefit out of their Glock’s performance.

“Behind the mysterious ebony polymer [of the Glock] there is a lot of engineering – technical, design, materials – information that you can’t know just by blasting ammo at the range,” Sweeney said. “The Glock pistol can be compared to the elephant being described by the blind men.”

Glock Deconstructed aims to take the cover off those blind eyes. Recognized as the most influential firearms design in the past 50 years, the Glock pistol is the overwhelming favorite for both law enforcement and personal protection. Sweeney provides a thorough guide to every Glock model, highlighting the Gen4 improvements. He also shares a roadmap of the emergence of a whole aftermarket industry.

For fans of the Glock, the more than 300 high-resolution photos included in Glock Deconstructed will serve as an illustrated how-to guide on maximizing the firearm. Sweeney’s research covers the wide array of available accessories, including some lesser known factory options introduced since 2008. Glock Deconstructed leaves readers with a newfound appreciate for the technology behind the machine and a vision for the future of their own Glock.

Glock Deconstructed (product number U1060) is available here at It is also available at major book stores and as an e-book through all major e-book vendors, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple.

Glock Deconstructed by Patrick Sweeney, Gun Digest Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-3278-4 ∙ Price: $29.99 ∙ Paperback: 8.25 x 10.88

About Patrick Sweeney
Patrick Sweeney is a certified master gunsmith, film consultant, certified armorer instructor for police departments nationwide, author of many Gun Digest Books' best-selling titles, and Handguns Editor for America's largest general-circulation shooting magazine, Guns & Ammo.

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