Gun Digest the Magazine, June 23, 2008


June 23, 2008 IssueGun Digest is the source for firearms news, pricing and guns for sale. Readers benefit from in-depth editorial expert advice, show reviews and practical how-to instructions. Subscriptions are the First Amendment way to stand up for your Second Amendment rights. Click here to begin your subscription to Gun Digest.

Inside This Issue

• What’s your favorite brand? How does it compare to those of shooters in the rest of the country?

• Eddie Eagle celebrates two decades of keeping children safe.

• To get an accurate view of how well your rifle shoots, you need a good bench.

• Good guys use holsters, and a good holster is part of every concealed-carry rig.

• Scott Freigh answers your most important questions.

• Great guns and gear for hunting and shooting.

• The .50 Beowulf is a massive round designed specifically for the AR-15 weapon system. And it lives up to its great name.

• There is nothing simple about the modern airgun. They get better each year, and 2008 is part of the new golden age of airguns.

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