Gun Digest the Magazine September 1, 2008


Sept. 1, 2008 IssueGun Digest is the source for firearms news, pricing and guns for sale. Readers benefit from in-depth editorial expert advice, show reviews and practical how-to instructions. Subscriptions are the First Amendment way to stand up for your Second Amendment rights. Click here to begin your subscription to Gun Digest.

Inside This Issue

• Celebrating 100 issues of editorial.

• The NRA boosts the future of women’s hunting through its WWE program.

• Holsters fit into three categories: duty, tactical and off-duty/concealment. Finding the right one isn’t difficult.

• There’s plenty of great new gear for hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

• Kevin Muramatsu decided to make his own 60-grain-compatible 10/22 barrel
from scratch. Here’s what he learned.

• There have been many “varmint” calibers introduced since the .22/250 came along, but it remains the standard.

• Here’s a handy guide to the best scopes, binoculars and tactical optics for 2008.

• An attorney explains why the recent Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller reaches beyond firearms rights.

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