Gun Digest the Magazine, November 24, 2008


Nov. 24, 2008 IssueGun Digest is the source for firearms news, pricing and guns for sale. Readers benefit from in-depth editorial expert advice, show reviews and practical how-to instructions. Subscriptions are the First Amendment way to stand up for your Second Amendment rights. Click here to begin your subscription to Gun Digest.

Inside This Issue

• Our election coverage is just starting.

• A book profiles guns of the old West.

• The Steyr 1903 was a tough customer.

• Bryce Towsley shares his insights on the upcoming election and .370 Sako.

• Keeping rifle bolts tight will give you predictable performance.

• The Heller victory could help in a California gun-law case.

• Paying attention to your ammo will ensure that your bullets are never the problem during a hunting trip.

• Gun owners often quote the Second Amendment, but these bookswill help you understand what it really means.

• Historically speaking, the Mauser rifle might have had more impact on world history than any other firearm.

• Get ready for the rootin’est, tootin’est time you can have with guns and a costume. Here’s how to gear up for cowboy action shooting.

• Ammo is critical on any hunt. Keep things organized and you won’t have any trouble.

• Taming recoil takes planning, especially when reducing the kick of a .22 LR.

• There’s plenty of great new gear.

• Barrett does it again with the BORS.

• Casting your own bullets takes time and practice, but it is worth the effort.

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