Gun Photos: 20 Cool Modern Firearms


From sniper rifles to hunting rifles, and semi-auto handguns and revolvers to muzzleloaders and airguns, Gun Digest Illustrated Guide to Modern Firearms covers them all. Here's a sneak peek at 20 cool guns from this “eye candy” book for gun lovers.

Venom Tactical Taipan

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The Venom Tactical Taipan is designed for extreme long-range operations, with its .338 Lapua round delivering deadly performance out past 1,800 yards. It utilizes a Remington long-action receiver blueprinted to Venom Tactical’s exacting tolerances; lock-up is tight and secure. Like all Venom Tactical rifles, the Taipan’s bolt is of Venom’s elliptical design and machined and ground from 4340. The Taipan is equipped with a Brux barrel made to Venom Tactical specifications. The barreled action is firmly mounted to a Manners composite T-4A stock with a textured fore-end and palm swell. The stock also allows for an adjustable cheek weld and is designed for shooting from the prone position. It includes a one-inch Decelerator butt pad and a five-round detachable box magazine, and the package is shipped with a Venom Antidote muzzle brake installed. This rifle gives you everything you need in a long-range sniper platform and nothing you don’t.

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  1. For quick recovery time you can’t beat a semi-automatic, even in .338 Lapua.
    The myth that a bolt-action being more accurate has been debunked.
    A bolt-action does have fewer moving parts, and that IS an advantage.

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