FDX Knives Made for Emergencies


CODEYELLOW.jpgTops Knives’ new Field Duty Xtreme knives were developed by Tops Knives to meet a demand for small, heavy-duty fixed blades for emergency situations.

The knives are available in tactical black or Code Yellow. The company began using the Code Yellow coating on the FDX knives in response to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s “code yellow” status.

FDX Knives have two distinct blades, which are 3/16-inch thick and 27/8 inches long. They come in a basic Bowie and Spear Point, both styles of which have short (57/8-inch overall length) and long (67/8-inch overall length) versions.

Contact Tops Knives at (208) 542-0113 or www.topsknives.com.


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