EZ2C Target Review

EZ2C Target Review

EZ2C Target review.

EZ2C targets combine lots of white space and a clean design for an easy-to-see paper shooting target that makes range sessions more productive.

EZ2C Target Review
This grid-style target is ideal for rifle sight-in and group shooting.

Years ago, when I was trying to scratch a living as a freelance gun writer, I learned the value of a good target. With gun test assignments in hand I needed something which would allow me to do a high volume of shooting—that is, were affordable—and also clearly showed groups.

Of course, there were the fancy paint-splatterin' types with black pasted over a mysterious fluorescent goo; these were slicker than snot but cut into the frozen burrito fund a freelancer lived on.

Necessity being the mother of invention, some diligent research turned up the EZ2C concern, which was online order only. They made paper targets that were highly visible, came in high quantity pads and featured a price tag that didn’t cut deeply into the wallet.

Reactive targets, steel plates, poppers, fresh fruit and water jugs are jolly good fun, but the best paper shooting targets are ones that allow you to see where your rounds are landing.

That’s why Gun Digest has partnered with EZ2C targets. Like the name suggests, they’re easy as pie to see and handy as the dickens for long-range rifle work.

The center of these targets is all white, surrounded by a bright red that tends to draw your eye to the middle and gives you white space around which you can more precisely reference your crosshairs if shooting with a scope. Despite having excellent vision, I found my groups actually improved just from using these targets.

The author liked this clean style for close-range handgunning.
The author liked this clean style for close-range handgunning. Click here to order.

Even at really long range, my 600 meter tests proved how nice it was having an all-white background upon which to center the crosshairs for shooting center mass groups.

Open sight shooting with rifle, slug gun or muzzleloader is also better, for referencing the sights is so much easier when contrasted against the light background.

We’ve come up with five styles of target that will cover nearly all your shooting needs. To zero your rifle or shoot groups I like either of the diamond-shaped designs featuring grid backgrounds, which are a slick reference for scope adjustments.

For handgunning, the clean background targets with round circles give you an uncluttered view; I like stapling these onto IDPA-style cardboard targets and then pouring on the lead. The style with two vertical circles can be used for switching between center mass and high shots and fits well with many handgun drills.

If you’re unsure of what style you need, get one of each of the five. Most likely, you’ll end up using all of them. Give them a try—you’ll see why.

Where to Get ‘Em

Click here for EZ2C Targets!Editors' Choice: High-Vis EZ2C Targets

These high-visibility fluorescent red and white paper targets from EZ2C are preferred by the Gun Digest editors because they allow us to see exactly where our rounds are landing. You'll love them, too. Load up here


  1. I have been using these targets for 5 years now. They are great!
    The prices have gone up considerably since I bought my first order. Luckily, I ordered a TON of them. I am in no need for more for a loooong time. The prices included shipping, so again, a great deal at that time.
    Sixteen pads came to $76.80, that’s 640 targets or, 12 cents each. Now, 20 cents each and shipping is additional. My order today would run $129.00!
    That is a 60% increase in 5 years…yikes!

  2. Great Review! I Love EZ2C Targets. I have been using them for over 20 years now. If you have not heard about them you will. They have 20 some styles to choose from. Great value and Made in the USA! Good work Corey!


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