Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

These look like they would work as athletic shorts, too. Ladies, you tell me.

I am not qualified to discuss many women's issues. I know that. I am also smart and polite enough to keep most of my opinions in those areas to myself.

So, when it comes to concealed carry holsters for women, I tend to pause and scratch my chin in an attempt to look knowledgeable. But in reality, I think people can see right through that. Perhaps I can offer a little advice, but ask for even more.

I'm asking any women reading this to look over the photos here and comment. We've got belly bands with shoulder straps, holsters that hook to the front or side of the bra, concealed carry shorts and undershirt with an integral holster. Ladies, what works for you? And why?

This is hooked to the bra strap. WIll it work?



Clint Smith will tell you that carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be comforting. But comfort is important because if carrying a gun is a pain in the ass, or anywhere else, you will often choose not to carry it. Then what good is it?

The reality is that you have to have your gun when you need it. You don't ever want to be ducking for cover wishing you had your gun with you.  So, I'm asking you to add to this discussion.

When it comes to your concealed carry handgun, have you found a comfortable place to carry it and keep it concealed? Our readers want to know. Your CCW girlfriends want to know. Pass this note around and let's get the conversation started! Look at the rest of these photos and make constructive comments. What are you thinking? What are you looking for in a concealed carry holster?

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The Flash Bang is getting lots of press. Does it work for you?
A shirt and integral holster. Seems reasonable. What do you have to say?

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  1. I have bought numerous holsters, kept a few, and returned most. I am 5′ and 100# so concealing my Sig P938 can be very difficult. Found a nice conceal purse but rarely use it; if attacked the first thing likely to happen is my purse snatched from me, even if worn cross-body. I am too small for any bra or underarm holsters to work. Best for me is a belly band made for women or an in-waistband holster, both worn in front off center. Can’t drive with weapon at my back, and if I fall with it there I risk spinal damage.

  2. With the increase in women having CCW’s, you would think there would be a larger number of options for holsters. I wear a skirt or dress everyday. I know I could not use a bra holster and a BLACK thigh holster under my light yellow or beige suit even with a slip would not be pretty. Plus, hey as a woman, I don’t see why we can’t have a truly pretty holster – why black or brown? And, the options above look like they would be hot in the summer.

  3. I think that any of the under bra, or hooked to bra holsters look incredibly uncomfortable. The athletic shorts would be nice in something not white, and the shirt looks refreshing, I would defiantly use it for day to day use.

  4. I agree with aisling526 above. The shirt and shorts look like they may work. I only want to carry my colt 45 and so I need realistic and structured availability. Bras are uncomfortable anyway so that would only lend to not carrying the gun and causing more stress to the back. I have a fashion background and would be interested in working with anyone who has ideas for this avenue for women. Women especially today need other options rather their purse. I also agree that the average female does not have the model figure so this needs to be taken into consideration. Have the products come out onto the market and if so where may I purchase the shirt and the shorts? I would like to review them and promote them if they work as many of my friends also carry larger caliber pistols.

    • cheetahmarie, You have a fashion background and my sister is a fabulous, no, FAB-U-LOUS seamstress and I think we need and deserve pretty holsters. If I wanted to wear something manly, I would dress in mens clothes. I want something that would go under dresses and skirts that would not require me to wear 3 underslips to cover that dark color…a little lace and maybe a rhinestone or two might be nice… 🙂

  5. As mentioned above the problem for women clothing. Most of my pants, not including jeans, don’t even have belt loops. It makes it extremely difficult to find a holster.

    I’ve looked at the flash bang and if you carry a smaller pistol it may work. I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry and it’s not made for that size pistol.

    The shirt, maybe, I’d probably need to modify it. It would really depend on if the shirt keeps it’s shape or not. The shorts would be similar. Depending on the material they are made they may stretch out and become less useful as the day goes on.

    The one that hooks onto the side of the bra, just no. Maybe someone with a fuller figure could make that work.

    Currently I use four different holsters depending on my dress for the day and I still need a decent thigh holster for my one piece dresses.

    If I can wear a belt, I use my supertuck. If I can’t wear a belt I have sheepskin leather holster that has a really strong clip. Then I have a small of the back and a side carry holster for open carry. They are both small enough though that if I toss on a sweater they can be concealed.

    I have two or three other holsters that I purchased that just did not work for me. Either they sat too high or just plain did not work.

  6. I love to run, to which I love the looks of the athletic shorts. After Sherry Arnold was taken on her morning run in MT, it made me rethink what I would take with me on a run to help protect myself if needed. When are the shorts coming out on the market? Would LOVE to try them out. The other holsters are ok, and would have to try all of them out to see what would be the most comfortable.

  7. I am a 53 year old female, just got my conceal carry license and am glad to see this topic. I think where to carry is something we all struggle with in the beginning. Aisling526 brings up some valid points – it depends on how you dress. It also depends on what type of gun you carry. I have a Beretta PX4 Storm compact, which I love to shoot but is a bit large to carry concealed. I am waiting to get my Beretta Nano at the end of the month. Hubby got one a couple of weeks ago and I really like it as a carry gun. It is small, very accurate and a fun little gun to shoot.

    For starters, I will probably carry with a holster inside the pants at the small of my back. I usually wear pants with a jacket so that is the most likely place to conceal comfortably. My second choice is a shoulder holster. Thigh holsters could work if you wear short dresses – unfortunately, I’m beyond that age LOL.

    I am not fond of ankle holsters or conceal/regular purses and can’t see myself using that bra holster at all. The built-in briefs look interesting but they need the pocket at the small of the back not sitting on the side hips. I do like the idea of built in briefs though. Especially if you are wearing dress pants that don’t have belt loops for a belt to support the weight of a gun. Don’t like the bra attachment or the band around the waist – both looks very uncomfortable to me.

    Comfort and function are a difficult balance. My main desire when I carry is to have quick access. In a life or death situation, a person has an average of 7 seconds to act. Digging through a purse or fumbling with odd and difficultly placed holsters can get you killed. This is the primary reason I go with an inside the belt or shoulder holster.

  8. This is a topic of interest at The Responsible Carrier, as even MSNBC admits that “15 million to 20 million women in the United States own their own firearms” (

    I’ve highlighted here: an excellent Youtube reviewer who goes over each of the holster options that she has found to work for her in different attire. I would definitely recommend looking at some of her excellent videos.

    I’m interested how this discussion goes as well, because it would be really nice to have a few good options to point female friends towards after they have chosen to become more familiar with defensive firearms and have expressed the interest in having one handy. Thanks for posting this discussion.

  9. Thanks for opening up this forum, Kevin! As you know, I have lots of opinions of current carry options for women!

    Those new shorts and shirt could work sometimes. The shorts, though. . . not for use as “standalone” athletic gear. They are likely somewhat see though!! The bra-based ones? No way. I can’t imagine ever using one.

    I think the point for women as opposed to men is, we need to have a number of options available to us depending on how we are dressed. Men? Shirt and pants. Period.

    Oh, and carry purses are all ugly. Sorry. Will never carry one!! I DO “modify” some bags for carry use, though. (See the website for Happy Cow in Australia.)

    Right now, I have an (men’s) ankle holster made of elastic. I made an “extender” with more elastic and I can use it as a thigh holster. Haven’t tried it yet. I realized I can add a longer extender and sew a pocket on it and I’ll have a belly band. For now, we are mostly on our own to figure out what works.

    Looking forward to what other women have to say.

    • i would love to be able to carry upon my person, but the obvious thought is that all of us females who pack a pistol are model thin. what about someone looking into a holster for us ladies who have a “fuller” figure. now that would be a seller!!

      • YEAH Steamboat! I’m with you, I’m not looking for a holster to make me look sexy, I’m looking for a holster so I can have quick access to protect myself and my family. I would also like it to be comfortable so I will carry my weapon, not wish I had that day. The cross draw under the arm looks comfortable but is very difficult for large chested women. How about a band that goes under the bra line and the gun is carried at a downward tilt. Different colors would be great too as we don’t always wear black….every day.

    • I couldn’t agree more!!! I can’t bra carrying because we’ll no extra room up there and I think carry purses are ugly – nothing special and boring and really didn’t want to give up my Louis and Coach purses. So I patented a solution for all women and I love it. It’s a purse organizer and holster for use in any purse. Check it out!!!


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