Blackhawk! Leather Pancake Concealed Carry Holster Review

Blackhawk! Leather Pancake Concealed Carry Holster Review


Blackhawk concealed carry holsterI like pancakes; the kind you eat and the kind you hang on your belt to hold your pistol. The pancake concealed carry holster design is neither new nor is it revolutionary. It just has a long track record of being a holster that does its job without a lot of fanfare.

A good, leather pancake concealed carry holster keeps the pistol close to your body, which makes things much more comfortable during a long day. I also like the fact that the trigger guard is covered and a top snap provides a bit of extra retention.

Blackhawk’s Pancake holster incorporates all those design elements with the legendary quality for which Blackhawk! has become famous. This molded three-slot concealed carry holster comfortably contours to your body, providing exceptional concealment for your weapon.

Its two-piece, wet-molded, double contour-stitched construction contributes to the concealed carry holster’s incredible durability. The three-slots allow for a variety of carry options, including cross-draw for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

With a concealed carry holster this solid, all you need now is a great belt.  The Blackhawk! Pancake holster is available for just about every popular pistol on the market and comes in right- or left-hand draw in black or brown. Something for everyone.

Click here to get this Blackhawk! Pancake Holster for $50.39 (20% off retail).


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