Bernardelli Pricing & Reference


Download Bernardelli Pricing and ValuesFrom the Standard Catalog of Firearms

Know what your Bernardelli firearms are worth with this up-to-date 8-page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

* Completely updated pricing for Bernardelli firearms with new entries and photos
* Value Trackers: Real-life auction results
* Sleeper Alerts: Collectible guns that are outpacing the market
* Links to manufacturers’ website

Download gun values nowLearn values and pricing for these Bernardelli firearms:

Bernardelli Vest Pocket Model
Bernardelli Pocket Model
Bernardelli Baby Model
Bernardelli Sporter Model
Bernardelli Revolvers
Bernardelli Model 60
Bernardelli Model 68
Bernardelli Model 80
Bernardelli Model AMR
Bernardelli Model 69
Bernardelli Model PO10
Bernardelli Model PO18
Bernardelli Model PO18 Compact
Bernardelli Model P. One
Bernardelli Model P. One-Compact
Bernardelli Practical VB Target
Bernardelli Practical VB Custom
Bernardelli Model USA
Bernardelli Model 115
Bernardelli Model 115S
Bernardelli Model 115L
Bernardelli Model 115E
Bernardelli Model 115 Trap
Bernardelli Model 115S Trap
Bernardelli Model 115E Trap
Bernardelli Model 190
Bernardelli Model 190MC
Bernardelli Model 190 Special
Bernardelli Model 190 Combo Gun
Bernardelli Orione
Bernardelli Orione S
Bernardelli Orione L
Bernardelli Orione E
Bernardelli S Uberto I Gamecock
Bernardelli Brescia
Bernardelli Italia
Bernardelli Italia Extra
Bernardelli S. Uberto 1
Bernardelli S. Uberto 1E
Bernardelli S. Uberto 2
Bernardelli S. Uberto 2E
Bernardelli S. Uberto F.S.
Bernardelli S. Uberto F.S.E.
Bernardelli Roma 3
Bernardelli Roma 3E
Bernardelli Roma 4
Bernardelli Roma 4E
Bernardelli Roma 6
Bernardelli Roma 6E
Bernardelli Roma 7
Bernardelli Roma 8
Bernardelli Roma 9
Bernardelli Elio
Bernardelli Elio E
Bernardelli Hemingway
Bernardelli Hemingway Deluxe
Bernardelli Las Palomas Pigeon Model
Bernardelli Holland V.B. Liscio
Bernardelli Holland V.B. Inciso
Bernardelli Holland V.B. Lusso
Bernardelli Holland V.B. Extra
Bernardelli Holland V.B. Gold
Bernardelli Luck
Bernardelli Giardino/Garden Gun (9mm Rimfire)
Bernardelli Carbina VB Target
Bernardelli Comb 2000
Bernardelli Express 2000
Bernardelli Express VB
Bernardelli Express VB Deluxe
Bernardelli Minerva


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