Beretta, Wilson Combat Team Up to Produce 92G Brigadier Tactical

Beretta, Wilson Combat Team Up to Produce 92G Brigadier Tactical

As Massad Ayoob points out in the above video from Personal Defense World, the utterance of Bill Wilson’s name typically brings one gun to mind – the venerable 1911 pistol.

Wilson could make one sing in competition and now his company – Wilson Combat – produces one of the world’s most sought after lines of the handgun. Which makes the latest pistol to bear Wilson’s name so unusual.

Few would have ever imagined an iteration of the Beretta 92 rolling out of Wilson’s Arkansas factory. But that is exactly what is happening with the introduction of the Beretta/Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical.

In essence, the 9mm pistol is the revival of the Beretta 92G-SD Brigadier, a Cadillac version of the Italian company’s 92 line. Though, there has been some tweaks made to the original design in the new 92G Brigadier to give it higher functionality and more aesthetic appeal.

Alas, you’ll have to watch the video to find out what Beretta and Wilson have in store for shooters. But as Ayoob shows, the well-respected companies have packed plenty into the $1,195 pistol.

As a side note, and briefly touched upon in the video, the MSRP on the pistol is actually not bad. The original Beretta 92G-SD had only a 3-year run (2002-2005), in turn specimens can be rare and spendy.

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