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AR-15 Review: Rock River Arms Pro Series Government

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The Rock River Arms Pro Series Government exceeded the government's testing and was awarded contracts by the DEA, FBI and Marshals Service.
The Rock River Arms Pro Series Government exceeded the government's testing and was awarded contracts by the DEA, FBI and Marshals Service.

The civilian version of the AR-15 used by the DEA and FBI is one sweet rifle, with all the needed accessories to boot. Here's a look at the Rock River Arms Pro Series Government.

Civilian gun owners often benefit from the competition among gun makers vying for government contracts. The Rock River Arms Pro Series Government AR-15 is but one very good example.

Back in the early fall of 2002, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began to search for a 5.56 AR-style carbine to replace the 9mm submachine guns it had been using. 11 companies submitted samples, but it was a then-fledgling company out of Colona, Illinois, that survived the pass/fail test.

The RRA Pro Series was reliable and easy to shoot. We experienced no malfunctions during testing.

Rock River Arms (RRA) was awarded a 5-year DEA contract to make 5,000 carbines, with the FBI and U.S. Marshals acquiring the same gun with follow-up contracts. The civilian version is the Pro Series Government Model.

A Look at the Gun

What really impressed me about the RRA Pro Series is that it comes as a complete package. You get a LAR-15 5.56mm-chambered carbine, with a 16-inch chrome lined, chrome moly 1:9 twist barrel (the DEA version had a 14.5-inch barrel) fitted with an A2 flash hider.

The trigger is two stage, and breaks just over 5 pounds, very nice. It comes with a flat-top Picatinny rail and pre-installed A.R.M.S. flip-up rear sight.  Not only that, there’s an EOTECH 552 Holosight (though we actually tested the rifle with a Trijicon RSR Reflex, but that’s another story).

The combination of EOTECH and rear sight allow you to “cowitness” both sights at the same time — a well thought out touch.

In the case you get a Viking VTAC Single Point Sling, Cleaning Kit, and Surefire M951 Weapon Light. When you consider the included EOTECH and other goodies you get, the retail price of $2375 makes this a very good value.

The RRA Pro-Series at the Range

Hornady TAP 55 grain .223 ammo was accurate and reliable in the RRA Pro Series. Shots were fired from 25-50 yards standing and kneeling.

We didn’t do extensive off-the-bench accuracy testing of the gun (RRA says 1.5 MOA accuracy out of the box) but instead opted for real-world shooting from standing and kneeling positions. We fed it with Hornady 55-grain TAP ammo, and she shot excellent groups out to 50 yards (see photo).

We experienced no malfunctions. And the rifle, which weighs in at just over 8 pounds, produced virtually no recoil to speak of. It was downright enjoyable to shoot.

Check out the Rock River Arms Pro Series Government. It’s a proven gun that exceeded the government's very rigorous testing and comes complete with an accessory package of all the best-quality stuff. It’ll surpass your expectations, too.

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