Aimpoint Shoots to Make Micro Sights More Convenient

Now pre-mounted, Aimpoint's Micro Sights are ready to go on to a firearm straight from the box.
Now pre-mounted, Aimpoint's Micro Sights are ready to go onto a firearm straight from the box.

With a reputation for accuracy, durability and innovation, Aimpoint has become one of the go-to choices in AR optics. And earlier this month, the Swedish company gave shooters more than just its aiming solutions' reliability as a reason to slap one on their black rifle.

Aimpoint has added a level of convenience to two of its most popular, not to mention unobtrusive, optics by releasing them in pre-mounted versions. Both the Micro T-2 and Micro H-2 are now ready to go straight from the box to a Picatinny Rail with the addition of the company's Lever Release Picatinny Mount. And this new configuration not only makes the red-dot optics potentially easier to use, but also should help save shooters some money by allowing one sight to serve on multiple rifles.

The new T-2 and H-2 models have a number of features that should win over even the most discerning shooters. Perhaps the most eye-catching is the ability to dismount and re-mount the optics without having to reset the zero – as long as the red-dot is placed in its original position. But the Micro sights also have a few other bells and whistles that could turn heads.

The LPM's pressure adjustment ensures the optics always have a rock-solid mount on a Picatinny Rail. And they both also come with a 39mm spacer, allowing them to work seamlessly in conjunction with backup iron sights. The spacer can also be removed to provide a lower optical axis for use on shotguns or sub-machine guns.

Even before these pre-mounted versions came out, the T-2 and H-2 optics appeared to offer shooters plenty. In particular, at 4.6 ounces in weight and 2 inches in height, each aiming solution adds next to nothing in the overall weight and profile of a firearm. On top of that, with a 2 MOA red dot (the H-2 as a 4 MOA dot version, as well), the optics offer shooters plenty of leeway in application. The optics' dot should prove small enough to help it reach out from its usual close-quarters role and snap off a long shot.

The MSRP of the optics were not available at Aimpoint's website. But, online retailers have the new pre-mounted H-2 an T-2 in the $700-$800 neighborhood.


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