Photo Gallery: 10 Hot New ARs from SHOT Show 2014


10 New ARs From SHOT Show 2014

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Is there an end in sight? If the various new AR-type rifles introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show are any indication, America’s love of modern sporting rifles continues unabated. New guns, new gun makers and improvements on AR platforms we already know and love were generously scattered throughout the show floor. There are more shapes, styles and even colors of AR-type rifles than ever before.

Some of the new models are loaded with bells and whistles, features that only a hardcore gun buff or law enforcement officer would appreciate. Others are simply workhorse semi-automatic rifles that serve as functional tools for personal defense as well as recreational shooters and hunters. They all go “bang” when you pull the trigger and they are just the latest in what will likely be a long-lived trend in the firearms industry.

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