SureFire’s New .22LR Suppressor Now Available

SureFire aims to tackle to the consumer market with the introduction of the Ryder 22-A suppressor.
SureFire aims to tackle to the consumer market with the introduction of the Ryder 22-A suppressor.

The growing popularity of suppressors speaks for itself.

Perhaps the most striking demonstration of the noise-reducing device’s increasing acceptance is its legality. Presently, the accessory is legally available in all but a handful of states. And most of the areas where suppressors are not legal tend to be the states with the most draconian firearm laws.

What’s more, recent legislation in many regions have made suppressors more than just shooting novelties. The device have become an accepted method of collecting game in a number of states.

As the popularity of suppressors has grown so has its demand. In turn, more and more companies are setting their sights at the consumer market.

One of the latest is SureFire, who has been a long-time supplier of military and police suppressors. The California manufacturer recently began shipping its first suppressor specifically designed for civilian shooters – the Ryder 22-A.

The 3.1-ounce model design for .22LR firearms offers many of the tactical advantages of SureFire’s professional suppressors. But, the 22-A has one big selling point for the everyday shooter – its ease of upkeep.

The can can literally be stripped down in seconds, making it a zip to clean and return to service – even by novice shooters.

What makes the 22-A so simple is what also makes it so quite, SureFire’s proprietary baffles. The suppressor has five baffles that stack on each other. Once the endplate is removed, the baffles need only to be un-stacked to be cleaned.

The company also makes it a snap to get the suppressor back together again, numbering each of the baffles. They also have indexing notches ensuring proper alignment when reassembled.

While the suppressor is a snap to maintain, it still has top-notch performance. SureFire gives the 22-A a 117 dB rating; the average handgun report has around a 166 dB rating.

Also making the Type 3 aluminum baffles easier to clean are built-in spacers. The addition helps reduce carbon buildup, making it much simpler to scrub the baffles down to their Mil-Spec hard anodized red finish.

The suppressor measures 5.4 inches in length and works with both pistols and rifles. It has a slim profile, with the fluted aluminum tube’s maximum diameter just 1 inch. And it has been coated with a tough Mil-Spec hard-anodized black finish.

It has been reported, SureFire will release a SF Ryder 9, SF Ryder 45 and SR Ryder 40 sometime in the next year.

SureFire has put a $469 MSRP on the 22-A, keeping it in line with much of the present consumer market. Shooters, however, will have to plan to pay an additional $200 to purchase one, given suppressor are still a NFA accessory.

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