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Dead Air Sandman S

Quiet Advantage: Best AR-15 Suppressor Options (2023)

Looking to keep a lid on your black rifle, here are some of the best AR-15 suppressor choices around.

Griffin Armament Releases The CHECKMATE-HD Suppressor

Griffin Armament has just released the CHECKMATE-HD, a new lightweight rimfire suppressor that’s rated up to 5.7x28mm.

First Look: Maxim Defense PRS Suppressors

Maxim Defense recently announced the new PRS Suppressor, available for .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor.

First Look: Dead Air Silencers Mojave 9

Dead Air Silencers has recently announced the Mojave 9, a new 9mm suppressor with an innovative new baffle design.
Integra 1

Integra 15-22 Suppressed Upper: Making A Sweet Rimfire Even Sweeter

Keeping the .22 LR platform nimble and keeping it more shootable, the Integra 15-22 Suppressed Upper is a worthy investment for the MP15-22. Let’s face...

Suppressors: RECOIL Magazine’s Complete Guide To Buying, Maintaining, And Shooting With A Silencer

A look at Suppressors: RECOIL Magazine’s Complete Guide To Buying, Maintaining, And Shooting With A Silencer, available for pre-order now.
FN Rush 9Ti feature

FN Releases Rush 9Ti 9mm Suppressor

FN has just released the Rush 9Ti, the company’s first-ever commercial pistol suppressor.
AAC Ranger Suppressor feature

First Look: AAC Ranger Suppressor Line

Advanced Armament Company has just launched the Ranger 5 and Ranger 7 suppressors, two new cans designed for 5.56 and 7.62 NATO AR-pattern rifles.
Suppressor Cover lead

Top Suppressor Cover Options To Mitigate Mirage (2022)

A relatively simple accessory, the suppressor cover goes a long way to shooting more accurately with a can, while protecting the muzzle device. Find out the top choices.

Time Is Running Out To Get Your CANCON Tickets!

SUPPRESSORS, NIGHT SHOOT, FOOD, AND FAMILY FUN! Welcome to CANCON A Fully Suppressed RECOIL Range Day! Save the date and make your plans to come down...

3D Printed Suppressor Tools

Niche tools for items like silencers can often be out of stock right when you need them, but 3D printed suppressor tools can fill the gap.

Daniel Defense Announces Daniel SoundGuard Suppressor Line

Daniel Defense has just announced the Daniel SoundGuard suppressor line, featuring three models of rugged, hard-use rifle cans.
9mm suppressor odessa

Handgun Gear: Best 9mm Suppressor Choices (2022)

The top 9mm suppressor options to put a lid on your nine.
Leonidas Gen 2 feature

Liberty Suppressors Releases Leonidas Gen 2

Liberty Suppressors have just released the Leonidas Gen 2, an integrally suppressed AR-15 upper that only requires a single tax stamp.

Primary Weapons Systems Launches Suppressor Line With BDE 762

Primary Weapons Systems has now entered the silencer game with the launch of the BDE Suppressor line, starting with the BDE 762.