Suppressor History: The Story of the Modern Can

The history of the modern day suppressor is an interesting one that has been heavily influenced by politics, media and misinformation.

Gallery: Great New Suppressors for Shooters

This year manufacturers brought out a number of excellent new suppressors that are sure to excite a lot of shooters looking to quiet things down.

Some Basics of Rimfire Suppressors

Rimfire suppressors represent a cost-effective way to jump into the suppressor game, but there are some things to keep in mind if you plan on owning one.

Closer Look: Quick-Attach Mounts for Suppressors

Quick-attach mounts are an excellent choice if you want to mount a single suppressor on multiple hosts, though there are some disadvantages.

Yankee Hill Machine’s Nitro 30 Suppressor

Yankee Hill Machine's new Nitro 30 Suppressor is a versatile, multi-purpose suppressor perfect for any shooter.

Blackhawk Enters Suppressor Market

Blackhawk has entered into the suppressor market with an all-new line consisting of seven different models.

CMMG Introduces New MkW ANVIL in .458 SOCOM

CMMG is now offering a .458 SOCOM AR with its new, appropriately named MkW ANVIL.

Iowa Passes Bill Legalizing Suppressors

Iowa has become the 42nd state to legalize suppressors. Civilians in the Hawkeye State are now free to own and use suppressors on their firearms.

When Did Suppressors Come About?

Suppressors have been around for about a century now. Discover how the firearms accessory came about and its early days and uses.

SilencerCo Suppressors: Silence is Golden

A cull deer hunt in Texas proves the worth of these SilencerCo best-in-class hunting suppressors.

Ruger Takes First Foray into Suppressors

Ruger has jumped into the suppressor game with the Silent-SR, designed to dampen the report of a number of rimfire guns.

Suppressors for Home Defense

There are many good reasons to add a suppressor to a home defense gun, and not too many arguments against.

SilencerCo Not Keeping Quiet about Suppressor Rights

SilencerCo has been at the forefront of promoting suppressor usage and advocacy. The company is now making a big push at better mobilizing users of the device in a bid to expand the right to own and use them.

Minnesota Aiming to Shoot Down Suppressor Ban

Minnesota might be joining the majority of the nation when it comes to suppressors. A bill was recently introduced that is set to repeal the state's long-standing ban on the device.

Inside Look at How a Silencer Works

Ever wondered how a silencer works? Well, SilencerCo and the American Suppressor Association give you a good idea with this animated graphic of the operation of the firearm accessory.

Suppressor Q&A: Versatility vs. Efficiency

Many people are confused when purchasing a suppressor because they assume a suppressor’s caliber has to match the weapon’s caliber. In reality, you don’t necessarily care about caliber with suppressors.



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