Shooting Gear: New LaserLyte Laser Steel Tyme Kit

Shooting Gear: New LaserLyte Laser Steel Tyme Kit

Laser Steel Tyme Kit

There's nothing like the sound of plinking steel targets. LaserLyte has brought this satisfying sound home with the introduction of its Laser Steel Tyme Kit.

Every gun nut dreams of walking out the backdoor and thumbing off a few rounds at their leisure. But for most, a lack of adequate land, a slew of municipal statutes, and the risk of pockmarking the neighbors’ siding or cat make this impossible. That is until LaserLyte hit the scene.

The Arizona company brought the shooting range into the comfort of home without the constant headache of drywall repair with its innovative firearms training systems. The safe and effective system utilizes a laser-emitting pistol and reactive targets, allowing shooters to set up a course of fire anywhere. And LaserLyte has upped the level of realism in its shooting system with a new feature that should ring the bell of those aiming for more trigger time.

The Laser Steel Tyme Kit gives shooters the familiar and satisfying sound of banging a steel target every time they score a bullseye. But, the auditory feedback of plinking steel not only makes the system more engrossing, but also makes it a more effective training aid. With both visual and audible reactions, shooters have the ability to push the pace of their training, permitting them to work on target acquisition drills and multiple shot strings with instant feedback on their accuracy.

The Laser Steel Tyme Kit comes with two targets, one Trainer Trigger Tyme Compact pistol and six AAA batteries to power all the components. The Steel Tyme Targets are 7.63 inches in height and 3.13 inches wide, giving shooters a challenging objective to place a shot. The 15-ounce mock pistol is approximately the same size as a Glock 42/43, giving shooters the actual feel of a real firearm when they are practicing trigger discipline, target acquisition and shot placement. The pistol does not accept ammunition of any kind and is safe to use in any environment.

The Laser Steel Tyme Kit presently has an MSRP of $219.

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