SHOT Show 2014: Spectra Shot Shotgun Shells

SHOT Show 2014: Spectra Shot Shotgun Shells
Spectra Shot Shotgun Shells

Spectra Shot Shotgun Shells
Spectra Shot Shotgun Shells
If you’ve ever shared a duck blind with someone who claims to hit every bird they pull the trigger on, you’ll appreciate Spectra Shot’s new shotgun shells. The shells feature steel pellets covered in a proprietary coating, colored to allow shooters to definitively identify who hit the bird upon cleaning. Waterfowlers can choose between yellow, orange, blue and green pellets. Three-inch shells with 1-1/4 ounce loads produce a 1,400 fps velocity. They’re available in 2 and 4 shot, with the company working on a BB load. Spectra Shot also manufacturers lead skeet loads that makes it easier for the shooter to pick up the shot string (and thereby make corrections). The lead shot come in yellow, orange, blue or pink loads in 7-1/2 shot. The 1-ounce loads in 2-3/4-inch shells produce 1,200 fps velocity. ($23-$24 per box of 25;

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