Jerry Miculek Joins Aguila Ammunition Pro Staff

Jerry Miculek Joins Aguila Ammunition Pro Staff

snapseed-24_FOne of the world's most famous and recognized shooters joins the Pro Staff Team at Aguila Ammunition.

In the past few months, Aguila Ammunition, the Latin American ammo manufacturer known the world over for its .22-caliber ammunition, has been adding talent to its Pro Staff Team, with recent additions such as professional clay shooters Gary Fitzjarrell and David Miller. Now, the company has announced the addition of yet another Pro Staff Team member: Jerry Miculek.

Commonly known as the “Greatest Shooter of All Time,” Miculek is a 20-time world record holder and one of the most prolific and revered figures in the shooting industry. He is especially well-known for his abilities with a revolver and has earned an impressive number of titles over his shooting career, including USPSA National Revolver Champion, IDPA National Revolver Champion, IDPA World Revolver Champion, and Steel Challenge Revolver Champion. Without question, Miculek is one of the fastest and most versatile revolver shooters in the world.

Upon officially joining the Aguila Ammunition Pro Staff Team, Miculek will be representing Aguila's rimfire product line.

“Creating a pro-staff is one of our goals for this year, and we're ecstatic that we've already built an all-star shooting team,” states Kristi Drawe, Director of Marketing for Aguila. “Jerry is one of the most versatile, respected, well-known competition shooters in our industry. He is an inspiration and a role model for so many aspiring shooters and we are thrilled to have him representing the rimfire line of the Aguila brand.”

Miculek says, “Aguila rimfire ammunition offers the shooter 100% ignition, amazingly consistent accuracy, all with a clean burning propellant. With 27 different rimfire loads to choose from, there is no reason not to use Aguila. They really have a specialty round for everyone. It's simply the best ammo and I'm happy to represent a company with such high performing products. Get some!”

For more information on the products Aguila Ammunition offers, visit the company's website at

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