Gallery: Hornady New Products for 2017

Gallery: Hornady New Products for 2017

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Every year around this time firearms industry manufacturers start announcing some of the new products they're going to be introducing for 2017 ahead of the upcoming SHOT Show. It's an exciting time for shooters and offers a sneak peak on what's to come in the industry.

hornady-black-ammunition-fLate in October, the popular ammo manufacturer Hornady announced what it is bringing out for the coming year. As usual, the company has several exciting new additions to its already impressive product lineup.

Headlining this list of new introductions is an entirely new line of ammo that Hornady is simply calling BLACK. The all-new Hornady BLACK ammunition features a wide range of loads optimized for use in America's favorite guns, whether they're direct impingement or gas piston operated, suppressed or unsuppressed, feature a rifle- or pistol-length gas system or anything in between, or are intertia operated or manually cycled via bolt or pump action. With caliber offerings ranging from 5.45x39mm up to .450 Bushmaster, and even a 12-gauge buckshot load, there's sure to be something there for every shooter.

In terms of ammo, other inclusions to the new product lineup for 2017 are expansions to the Precision Hunter and Match ammo lines. This includes eight new offerings to the Match line, including a first for Hornady in the 6mm Creedmoor, and five new additions to the Precision Hunter line, including a 150-grain .280 Remington load.

On the reloading tools and security fronts, Hornady has added the Case Prep Duo, two new keypad handgun vaults to the RAPiD Safe line, and the RAPiD Safe AR Gunlocker. The Case Prep Duo is a rechargeable, multi-function tool that accommodates case neck brushes, primer pocket cleaners, and chamfer/deburr accessories. The new RAPiD Safe 2600KP and 2700KP offer the proven performance of Hornady's RFID locking system, along with the secondary keypad option, which allows users to program 4- to 6-digit security codes for an additional entry option. The AR Gunlocker offers the same dependability as Hornady's other RAPiD safes, but is a fully enclosed design that features storage for an AR and a spring-loaded door for quick access.

Check out the gallery above for more information on some of these great new Hornady products, or visit Hornady's website.

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