Federal Introduces Lead Muzzleloader Bullet

Federal Introduces Lead Muzzleloader Bullet
Federal Premium has expanded its muzzleloader ammunition selection with a lead bullet, outfitted with its B.O.R. Lock System.
Federal Premium has expanded its muzzleloader ammunition selection with a lead bullet, outfitted with its B.O.R. Lock System.

It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the oldest styles of firearms has enjoyed some impressive technological leaps in modern times.

Yup, today’s muzzleloaders are nothing like what our fringe-jacketed forefathers used to put meat on the table. No siree. From precision cut rifling to high-performance propellants, modern day variants of these firearms are light years away from their original iterations.

The great leap forward in muzzleloader technology has even extended to bullets. And one ammunition company has been busy in recent years turning out innovative projectiles meant to get the most out of these firearms.

A year ago, Federal Premium introduced its B.O.R. Lock MZ System with its Trophy Copper Muzzleloader Bullets. Now the subsidiary of Utah-based Vista Outdoors is offering a more traditional projectile outfitted with its proprietary system.
Federal has released a lead muzzleloader bullet, which has the potential to really help in-line muzzleloaders reach out. In particular, the .50-caliber bullet has the weight — 350 grains — and ballistic coefficient — .209 — to more than go the distance. The projectile also looks to provide devastating terminal ballistics with impressive expansion aided by its polymer tip.

The bullet is equipped with Federal’s B.O.R. Lock MZ System, an innovation that helps the projectile reach its full potential. The system is a polymer cup with a fiberglass base that sits about halfway down the base of the bullet upon loading. After firing, the cup moves forward on the bullet on to obturating ramps, which expands it, creating the gas seal and bearing surface of the projectile.

Federal boasts the system creates a true 200-yard muzzleloader due to its superior internal ballistics. As an added bonus, the company points out the fiberglass base cleans the bore upon loading.

While Federal did not place a MSRP on the new lead muzzleloader bullets, a number of online retailers are presently selling 15 packs in the $20 range.


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