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Creedmoor Sports Releases Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head

Compatible with the Redding T-7 turret press, the new Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head upgrades the system’s precision, ease of use and longevity.

The Redding T-7 press has been extremely popular with reloaders for years now, but after extensive use the folks over at Creedmoor Sports felt like they could make it even better. Hoping to improve the system’s precision, ease of use and longevity, the Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head was born. A drop-in upgrade for the Redding T-7, the new press head is quick and simple to install and should provide its users with an even nicer reloading experience.

The Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head is a stainless steel seven-position press head, and the package also includes a threaded handle and a friction-reducing brass bushing. The real magic of the upgrade results from the head’s manufacturing process, however, with precision-located die positions, precision threading and ultra-flat surfaces. All machined with extremely tight tolerances, these parts come together to improve not only the reloading process but the quality of reloaded ammo as well. It also uses a distinctive tracking system that captures the indexing ball which makes station transitions very smooth and consistent. These new features on the Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head should reduce run-out while seating bullets and provide ultra-smooth threading.

John Teachey, Vice President of Operations at Creedmoor Sports, said this about the new enhanced press head:

The Redding T-7 Press has remained a favorite among precision reloaders and is a critical piece of reloading equipment our product development team utilizes regularly for ammunition and product testing…A machined stainless steel head, rather than one made from cast steel, allows for tighter tolerances, an improved surface finish, and ultimately makes a better product for our customers.

This new Creedmoor Enhanced Press Head looks to be a good upgrade for those who do a lot of reloading with their T-7 and want a smoother process and greater precision. The new drop-in upgrade kit is available now and has an MSRP of $179.95.

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