A Case of Too Much Ammo?

A Case of Too Much Ammo?

Pewaukee PD disbanded, ammo excess bought by County Sheriff.As shooters know all too well, many ammunition calibers have been in darn short supply for a year or more.

So it’s of some note when somebody, anybody, has too much ammo—which was the situation in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, where the city recently disbanded its police force and contracted out law enforcement duites to another local department.

But, city officials told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, what do with 58,000 left over rounds and shotshells? “The 58,000 rounds of handgun, rifle and shotgun ammunition is about five times more than a department the size of the city force would require in a year for duty and training purposes, some city officials said.”

“It seems like it is way in excess of what you would need,” Mayor Scott Klein said.

Actually, the city should have no problem selling the ammunition. One buyer? The Waukesha County Sheriff Department, the same agency that took over law enforcement for Pewaukee. “It's a high volume of ammunition, that is true,” Sheriff Dan Trawicki told the Journal-Sentinel. “But I don't know the last time they ordered it and between the wars, prices have really gone up. No doubt, we'll buy some of it.”

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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