Extreme Shock Ammo Introduces Affordable Allegiance Ammo Line

Extreme Shock Ammunition introduces Allegiance line as affordable ammo for popular handgun calibers.

On And On: The Ammunition Shortage Continues

Some news stories have discussed the “easing” on the ammunition shortage. But don’t tell that to Justin Davis of Marion County, Florida.

The Legalities of Class III Firearms

Yes you can own ‘Machine Guns’ and ‘Silencers.’

Loads for the Military Bring-Backs

The Mauser and the Arisaka both offer great opportunities for handloaders. Here are a few loads you can start with to bring these guns to life.

Nightforce Adds New 1,000-Yard Velocity Series Reticles

In response to demand for additional designs of their Velocity series retic

A Case of Too Much Ammo?

After a Pewaukee, Wisconsin Police Department is disbanded, the agency finds itself with an excess of ammo.

Suburban Gun Store Owners Expect Sales to Surge if Chicago’s Ban Falls

Gun retailers, who got a boost when President Barack Obama took office, are hoping to get another one from the U.S. Supreme Court. Chicago gun stores are hoping for the same if that city's ban falls.

SETPOINT Ammunition – Gourmet Fodder for Your Precision Rifle

One good glove….

That headline is not supposed to make people think of Michael Jackson... ew.. I just got the willies. I shouldn't have even mentioned his name. I've b

Clearing a Double-Feed in an AR-15 – NSSF

Something to hold on to

My new Ring's Blue Gun arrived the other day. It is the Glock 17/22 clone. Now I can do holster evaluations and practice my draw and sight picture. Tr

Gun Ammunition Getting Harder to Find

Gun dealers say a continued ammo shortage is affecting the sale of certain gun models. Ammunition for 9mm and .380 weapons are becoming scarce and when you can find it, the price has gone through the roof.

Self-Guided Bullet Hits Target a Mile Away

Nyati Brings to Market 110-Year-Old British Classic Elephant Round to Market

This company's low-recoil 470 Nitro Express produces a fraction of the "punch" to the shooter, yet it will still put a world of hurt on dangerous game.


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