Integra 1

Integra 15-22 Suppressed Upper: Making A Sweet Rimfire Even Sweeter

Keeping the .22 LR platform nimble and keeping it more shootable, the Integra 15-22 Suppressed Upper is a worthy investment for the MP15-22. Let’s face...
Guns and gear January 2023 feature

New Guns And Gear January 2023

Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 7 new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.

Suppressors: RECOIL Magazine’s Complete Guide To Buying, Maintaining, And Shooting With A Silencer

A look at Suppressors: RECOIL Magazine’s Complete Guide To Buying, Maintaining, And Shooting With A Silencer, available for pre-order now.

.300 Win. Mag. Vs. .308: Which Winchester Wins?

These two classic Winchester cartridges excel in different areas, but when it comes to .300 Win. Mag. vs. .308, which will serve you best?
Reload Micro Adjustments feature

Reloading: Making Micro Adjustments

Here’s how to use micro adjustments to fine-tune your reloading and your accuracy.

First Look: ERGO O-Grip

ERGO has just released the O-Grip, a new zero-angle AR grip designed for precision and bench shooting.

Best .50 BMG Ammo: Feeding The Big Dog 

Whether you’ve just bought yourself a .50-cal. rifle or are considering getting one, here's the best .50 BMG ammo on the market.
FN Rush 9Ti feature

FN Releases Rush 9Ti 9mm Suppressor

FN has just released the Rush 9Ti, the company’s first-ever commercial pistol suppressor.

Swampfox Kraken Review: Enclosed Emitter Excellence?

In this Swampfox Kraken review, the author analyzes the pros and cons of the company’s new closed emitter pistol red dot sight.

8.6 Blackout: Is Q’s New Cartridge All Hype And No Substance? 

8.6 Blackout from Q is the new cartridge on the block, but what does it really bring to the table?

First Look: XS Sights Henry Big Boy Lever Rails

XS Sights has just released Lever Rails for Henry Big Boy carbines, designed to allow users to more easily mount optics.
MDT ACC Elite feature

MDT Releases ACC Elite Chassis System

MDT has just released its newest precision rifle chassis system in the form of the ACC Elite, compatible with rifles that utilize a Remington 700 SA.

First Look: Safariland Chest Rig

Safariland has just released the SCR or Safariland Chest Rig, a new chest holster mounting platform compatible with 6000 and 7TS series holsters.

The Best Pistol Red Dots: A Buyer’s Guide

Do you still carry a handgun with iron sights? It may be time to get with the now, so here’s a look at some of the best pistol red dots on the market.

Holosun Releases SCS For S&W M&P 2.0 Series

Holosun has just released a version of the SCS red dot sight that is direct-mount compatible with the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 family of handguns.

Carry Calibers: .40 S&W Vs. .45 ACP Vs. 9mm

In the eternal debate of .40 S&W Vs. .45 ACP Vs. 9mm, which cartridge reigns supreme for concealed carry and self-defense?


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