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New Guns And Gear March-April 2020

New classics and first-rate defensive options, it seems you can't have enough of either. We dig into each with 14 pieces of guns and gear that are certain to serve as safe queens or lifesavers.
For some of the best eye protection and shooting assistance you can purchase, check out Hunters HD Gold.

Prescription Shooting Glasses: Striking Hunter’s HD Gold

Exceeding OSHA standards and capable of being ground to specific prescriptions makes Hunter's HD Gold the gold-standard among shooting glasses.
More affordable and more effective than ever, the active hearing protection offered by products such as the Champion Vanquish (blue) and Venture Gear AMP BT (black) allows shooters to guard the long-term health of their ears while remaining situationally aware.

Electronic Hearing Protection: The Perfect Balance

Next-gen electronic hearing protection stifles sounds you don’t want to hear, and enhances the ones you do.

American Made: Dawson Knives – WIN this Bad A$$ Pathfinder Field Knife!

Modern traditionalists, Dawson Knives craft one-of-a-kind knives fit to master any situation.
5mm Aguila 1

Ammo Brief: 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum

The 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum is nearly gone, but certainly not forgotten.
These are the author’s favorite three powders from the Hodgdon Extreme line. You can cover a lot of ground with just these propellants.

Reloading: Hodgdon Extreme Powder—The Consistent Choice

Engineered to produce velocities as regular as clockwork, the Hodgdon Extreme Powder line delivers what reloaders chase—consistency.
The .25 ACP is ultra-compact, but it’s also ultra-unpowerful. Yes, it can kill, and no, I wouldn’t want to be shot with one. But that doesn’t make it a good choice for a defensive caliber.

Self Defense: Do The 5.7×28, .25 ACP, .22 LR And .22 WMR Cut It?

Tempting as the convenience of mouse guns and micro pistols are, do the .25 ACP, .22 LR, .22 WMR and 5.7x28 have the stuff to save your life.
Designed primarily for use in short-barreled handguns, the Speer Gold Dot expands to 0.32 inch when fired into jugs filled with water.

.22 WMR: Raising The Bar For Rimfires

Versatile and potent, the .22 WMR—or .22 Mag—forever raised the rimfire enthusiasts' expectations for performance.

American Made Giveaway: Win A Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit

Best know for body armor, Blue Force Gear also offers the ever-day carry essential Micro Trauma Kit.
Sig ammo

First Look: Sig 300 Blackout 205-Grain Subsonic Hunting Ammo

Designed feed smooth and hit hard, the new Sig Sig 300 Blackout 205-Grain subsonic hunting ammo aims for elite-level suppressed performance in the field.
Less Than Lethal Weapons Lead Image

Less-Than-Lethal: The Other Option

Why consider a less-than-lethal option? Because, having something for self-defense is always better than having nothing.
Everyday Carry Knives FLIP LEAD

Selecting The Best EDC Knife And Top Picks (2020)

A vital tool and necessary companion to your concealed carry gun, you should never get caught without a knife. Yet, how does one go about choosing the best EDC knife?
Boyds Spike Camp Lead

Video: The Spike Camp From Boyds Gunstocks

Lightweight, rugged and affordable, the Spike Camp from Boyds Gunstocks is set for your next backcountry hunt.

Win a CASE of Berger Ammunition! #MadeIntheUSAGiveaway

Unrelenting in design and execution, the new Berger Bullets Long Range Hybrid Target bullets are engineered for hair-splitting accuracy.
What Is A Quick Detach Scope Mount

What Is A Quick-Detach Scope Mount?

What is called a "quick detach" scope mount often is not, especially if the scope doesn't return to zero.

Embracing The Clawmounts Quick-Detach Scope Mounting System

Precisely engineered for true quick-detachment, ClawMounts expands the horizons of your scope and rifle. Find out more about this flexible system.




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